Welding certification according to EN 1090

Certifications for steel and aluminum structures


As of summer 2014, the requirements for the manufacture of structures and structural steelwork specified in this standard will be mandatory for all manufacturers of steel and aluminum structures. This standard was originally intended to be introduced until 2012, but was postponed for a transitional period.

In addition, parts of the standard ISO 3834, EN 287 Welding tests and the availability of a welding supervisor as well as welding processes and corresponding welding power sources must be provided in addition, if you have not yet obtained them. In addition, several components must comply with an ISO 9001 and EN 3834 certification

We accompany you during the implementation of the EN 1090 certification

  1. The best price for the complete processing of your Exec 2 process, which is the standard case with EN 1090, unless stated otherwise.
  2. Design the process so that it can be introduced concomitantly in your process.
  3. Employees who process the entire process, they go about their usual work.
  4. We offer existing welding processes for machines of different types.
  5. We have ready processes for MAG processes, currently only available from us. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.
  6. The best offer for the EN 287 examinations and the accompaniment to obtain the certificates.
  7. Offer to standardize the ISO 9001, ISO 140001, ISO 1090, EN 287 and OHSAS certification
  8. Accompaniment to certification, and subsequent certifications

If a company supplies to the construction industry without a valid EN 1090, the building authority can have the component removed.
"Austrian Society for Welding Technology"


As part of the complete certification, we offer you the process by performing the following steps:

  1. Preliminary talk at the company
  2. Discussion of the procedure
  3. Analysis of the existing special situation
  4. Purchase personalized standards (can be purchased cheaply in Austria via the WKO, these are personalized)
  5. Provisions of the Exec classes and declaration procedures.
  6. Accompanying to the EN 287 Welding Certifications
  7. Machine tests for compliance with the standard requirement
  8. Reviews of the WPQR
  9. Create internal documents (factory production control, ISO 9001 elements, optical control, tolerances, maintenance plans, test procedures and test instructions.
  10. Support in the training or integration of welding supervision
  11. Customize the production, workflow until the application of the CE mark
  12. Coordination with the certification organization
  13. Standards study
  14. Factory set up, storage and marking of production machines, QM means and additives
  15. Pre-audit
  16. main audit
  17. Follow-up audits


ローゼンバウアー訪問 2017-11-22 - 11月の22、2017、Rosenbauerの企業訪問



あなたはあなたのペースで働きます。 ポータルを使用してプロジェクトを独立して処理することができ、個人的なサポートについても問い合わせることができます。 したがって、私たちはあなた自身のプロセスを設計する機会に献身してきました



経験豊富な従業員のノウハウやサポートを忘れることなく、独自の認証プロセスを実行する機会を提供します。 オンラインシステムはさまざまな認定資格のために設計されており、FAQリスト、既製のフォームや表、従業員とのオープンな質問を明確にするためのモジュールを提供しています。



私たちの短期間では、ビジネスライフの変化は常に伴奏です。 それは非常に迅速に撃退することができます。 これには内外の理由があります。 CSは変更時の適合性の概要を示します。



私たちは限られた時間と財務能力しか持たず、包括的なサービスを提供したいと考えています。協力は関連組織間でのみ意味があります。 これらは信頼性の高い構造と優れた対人調和を備えています。